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The Zimmiz Background Story 


Zimmiz are a lovable alien race that crash-landed on Earth while searching for their lost twins. Zimmiz come from a beautiful planet that has two colorful moons and three brilliant suns – much like a collection of beautiful marbles. 

Every Zimmi is born in pairs; non-identical twins, forever connected. Zimmiz come from a beautiful planet that has two colorful moons and three brilliant suns – much like a collection of beautiful marbles.

Every Zimmi is born in pairs; non-identical twins, forever connected.

Background Story:

ZIMMI twins live on planet ZIMMI a beautiful small planet, situated in Milky Way galaxy have three Suns and two moons.

One million years ago: 
The ZIMMIZ were a selfish race (celebrated individuality) 
The two Twin-kingdoms were at war with each other 
They had built a Great Wall right around the planet (effectively separating the planet in two) 
There was a Great War that destroyed one side of the planet (Dessert remains where the battle occurred)
The only remnant of the ancients is the Great ZIMMI Wall. The modern ZIMMIZ have broken sections down to allow travel between the two halves.
The Sand & Stone Parable came out of the Great War:
The Sand & Stone Parable o One day two ZIMMIZ were climbing a mountain when one slipped…The brother risked his life to save his twin. Moved by his brother’s bravery, the rescued ZIMMI chiselled the following in stone: ‘On this day my brother risked his life to save my own.’
Later that day the two brothers quarrelled. In anger, one ZIMMI slapped the other… This time ZIMMI wrote in the sand….’On this day my brother hurt me.’ Curious, the brother asked, ‘When I saved you, you chiselled in stone but when I hurt you, you drew in sand?’ The brother replied, ‘When we are hurt we write it in sand where the winds of forgiveness erase all pain. But when we are blessed, we should write it in stone, where the memory of it will live forever.
Now, ZIMMIZ believe that:
All nice things are written in stone on the ZIMMI side of the Great Wall and all bad deeds are written in sand on the Great Desert, as they are quickly forgiven and forgotten.
On the million-year Peace Celebration Day, a particular ZIMMI writes a bad deed in the Great Wall:
○ perhaps a spiritual leader or king
○ or he has always struggled with forgiveness
○ perhaps he has rushed to a wrong judgement
○ or perhaps he follows the old ways: “eye for an eye” or
○ perhaps he is a descendant of the bad (desert) ZIMMIZ
He writes a bad deed in the Great Wall:
○ He is so annoyed/upset with his twin that he decides he is going to write the bad deed in stone
○ Original Sin: ZIMMI writes a bad deed in stone and then does something no one has ever done before, he writes a wish at the end: ‘I wish I never had a twin’
○ This causes the cataclysmic event that splits the planet in two (along the wall) and the Great Desert half hurls off into space.
○ Some ZIMMIZ who were writing in the sand are left stranded on this side of the planet (now a comet); some split from their twins; others with their twins.
One particular eccentric Zimmi has a “light-ship” idea:
○ never been tested
○ It needs to be catapulted out of the atmosphere, then opens the light-sails to catch the photons ○ Travels at light speed
○ Maiden voyage is the “chase of the lost Planet Zimmi fragment”
○ A lot of fear and apprehension not knowing if it will work or crash and burn…
In desperation to rescue the stranded twins on the desert side, they use the catapult invention to launch their light-space voyager and begin the search and rescue
Once is Dark Space, the Zimmiz (who are afraid of the dark) hypnotise themselves to be courageous
They follow the planet fragment into Earth’s solar system which brings their world into ours
The rescue mission is interrupted by our Sun’s photons (effectively a hurricane that is pushing the light-ship backwards)
The rescue crew decide to lower the sails to continue forward (leaving without the ability to steer)
Meanwhile, the broken planet slingshots around our Sun and continues in a different direction
If the rescue ship continues forward they will risk crashing into the sun; if they open their sails they will start going in a different direction to the fragment planet
They see Earth and decide to land here, not knowing if we are friend or foe !
The ZIMMI’s light ship burns on entry and they bail out; floating down on parachutes made from fragments of their light-sails
One surviving ZIMMI lays lifeless on the ground where a child discovers him and breathes life into him (plugs in his phone & ZIMMI comes to life???) Other possibilities
Zimmiz live for 100,000 years
Zimmiz are always born in pairs (2, 4, 6)
Zimmiz look at each other and say to each other: How closed are we? We’re like this (mini skit)
Zimmi chant (Zimmi, Zimmi, Zimmi) 
Perhaps in Zimmi, Zimmi it means TWIN
Each Zimmi is called a Zimmi – but their twin is called an Immi. Therefore they mumble in the sleep: “I miss my Immi”
Zimmi Tribes PINKZ BLUEZ GREENZ Loving Attitude Thinker Imaginative Adventurous Logical (Brains) Artistic Confident Problem Solver Considerate Joker Leader Tender Strong Cautious Psychic Optimistic Need to learn Assertiveness Insecure about looks (asymmetry) Pride Confidence Less impulsive (must think before jumps) Less logical (be more imaginative) Not to overdose on emotions be more considerate of others Learn to laugh at himself (must relax) Courage Stubborn Less thinking, more feeling Characters o Three ZIMMIZ: 1 x boy (aged 10-12) (blue; masculine) 1 x girl (aged 10-12) (deep pink; feminine) 1 x generic (aged 5-7) (purple, shorter, stockier) Appearance/Features: Physical appearance: cheeky, cute, cuddly, loveable soft fury space suit mole on face (see ICONs below) the face will need to translate well into 2D animation; use tones that will provide depth (e.g. three shades; i.e. a skin tone plus a light version and a darker version) long and flexible antennas to allow USER to grab hold of the ZIMMI and hypnotise them (see below) two large eyes (soulful, dreamy eyes); colour the irises to match the space suit; eye lashes, eye brows stocky body (like Tickle-U and Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.) smallish nose ears hidden within space suit; edge of ears showing within screen/helmet large feet; minimal or no legs; space boots (match space mitts); short arms; oven-mitt style gloves on space suit; mouth; fuller lips for Girl; o Personality: humble, cheeky, loving, loveable, excitable, optimistic, ticklish, sometimes feisty, sometimes silly, funny, optimistic, innocent o Loves: loves to laugh, loves hugs and kisses, loves to fly, loves a massage, loves harmonious music, loves to be lulled to sleep with a lullaby, love nature, o Spiritual: likes to stare at the stars, fascinated by the moon, believes and prays to a higher power for Good, can see auras, psychic, has powers of telepathy, has strong first impressions when it meets new people or arrives at new places, harmonious, o Characteristics: moon dust is good for its skin, prefers moonlight to sunlight, can't swim, needs rest and quiet to rejuvenate, grumpy if it gets too little sleep, doesn't like to be left alone while it's trying to go to sleep, likes personal space, o Fears: afraid of the sea, hates dirt and pollution, hates loud noises, hates greed .