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The Zimmiz Background Story 


Zimmiz are a lovable alien race that crash-landed on Earth while searching for their lost twins.

Zimmiz come from a beautiful planet that has two colorful moons and three brilliant suns – much like a collection of beautiful marbles. 

Every Zimmi is born in pairs; non-identical twins, forever connected. 

The Great War:

One million years ago, the ZIMMIZ were a selfish race who celebrated individuality. 

The two Twin-kingdoms were at war with each other, they had built a Great Wall right around the entire planet (separating the planet in two) but one day there was a Great War that destroyed one side of the planet.

The only remnant of the ancients is the Great ZIMMI Wall. The present-day ZIMMIZ have broken sections down to allow travel between the two halves.


The Sand & Stone Parable:

One day two ZIMMIZ were climbing a mountain when one slipped…The brother risked his life to save his twin. Moved by his brother’s bravery, the rescued ZIMMI chiselled the following in stone: ‘On this day my brother risked his life to save my own.’

Later that day the two brothers quarrelled. In anger, one ZIMMI slapped the other… This time ZIMMI wrote in the sand….’On this day my brother hurt me.’

Curious, the brother asked, ‘When I saved you, you chiselled in stone but when I hurt you, you drew in sand?’ The brother replied, ‘When we are hurt we write it in sand where the winds of forgiveness erase all pain. But when we are blessed, we should write it in stone, where the memory of it will live forever.

Now, ZIMMIZ believe that all nice things are written in stone on the ZIMMI side of the Great Wall and all bad deeds are written in sand on the Great Desert, as they are quickly forgiven and forgotten.


The Great Catastrophe: 

On the million-year Peace Celebration Day, a particular ZIMMI writes a bad deed in the Great Wall where only good deeds must be written. This causes the cataclysmic event that splits the planet in two along the Great Wall and the Great Desert half hurls off into space.

The Zimmiz launch a rescue mission that leads them into our solar system where they crash land on Earth. 

Join us and help the crash-landed Zimmiz find their lost twins!