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Zimmi your Friend

Zimmi has been designed to be your friend and someone who you can spend time. You can take Zimmi for walks, play in the park with him and just spend time hanging out.

Zimmi is not from planet earth so the more adventures you and your Zimmi can go on the better as he loves to learn and loves to see more of our beautiful planet.

The magic of the internet allows you to share your photos, why not take a photo of you and your Zimmi and share it with us on Facebook.

We are always running competitons on the site so keep checking our Facebook page to learn more.




Zimmi sure gets Hungry:

Zimmiz sure does love his food ! Open up his teeth menu and you can access the food menu. You can feed him when ever you want or Zimmi will let you know when it is time to be fed.

Some of the yummy things available to feed are:

  1. Fresh Banannas
  2. Spaghetti - careful this gets a bit messy
  3. Bottle of Milk - milk time and a nap would be wonderful
  4. Bugs - try and feed Zimmi a bug and see what happens
  5. Biscuits - everyone loves biscuits
  6. Chilli - on a recent trip to Mexico, Zimmi get a craving for Chilli be carfeful
  7. Is there anyone who doesn't love strawberry milkshakes? Zimmi sure does

demo-screenshot-07.jpgZimmi Features:


Tap Zimmi’s Birth Mark to change his mood
(try tapping the birthmark while he's moving to make him do something different)


Zimmiz have a unique chameleon-like ability to change the way they look to match the environment. Go to MYOZ and customize your Zimmi by changing:
* the color of Zimmi’s eyes 
* the color of Zimmi’s skin
* the shape of Zimmi’s nose
* the shape of Zimmi’s lips
* the style of Zimmi’s teeth


Zimmi Says 
* Do what Zimmi says but only when Zimmi says! 


Download FREE App for iPhone/iPod and explore the amazing world of Zimmi !

Also if you have any ideas, comments, and/or feedback we would love to hear from you. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.